Dr. Georgios Litsas holds the Dental specialty of the Orthodontist (No: 114/23-1-2006) after a three year specialization (2002-2005) and examinations (ΚΕ.Σ.Υ No. 3/22-9-2005) according to the Greek legislation of medical specialties. He is also a graduate of the Pediatric Dentistry Department of Tufts University, Boston (1995-1998). He is the holder of a postgraduate diploma in Pediatric Dentistry and has been awarded a postgraduate specialization Master’s (No. 18-194/2004) and Doctorate (No. 28740/2005) in Οrthodontics. He is a Dentistry graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (No. 711/17-03-1993). He is married and the father of two children.


Selective publications::



“Clinical Management of the Impacted Maxillary Canines. Review and Report of Cases” George Litsas EC Dental Science 12.4 (2017): 168-178



Dental and Chronological Ages as Determinants of Peak Growth Period and Its Relationship with Dental Calcification Stages

George Litsas and Alessandra Lucchese. The Open Dentistry Journal 2016; 10: 99-108


Dental calcification stages as determinants of the peak growth period

George Litsas, Athanasios E. Athanasiou, Ioulia Ioannidou-Marathiotou, Moschos A. Papadopoulos, Vassilis Karagiannis. J Orofac Orthop/Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie 2016; 77:341–349



Growth Hormone and Craniofacial tissues. An update.

Open Dent J. 2015 Jan 30;9:1-8



Growth Hormone therapy and Craniofacial Bones. A Comprehensive Review 

Oral Dis. 2013 Sep;19(6):559-67.



Crohn’s disease of the mouth: report of a case.

Eur J Paediatr Dent. 2011 Sep;12(3):198-200

A Review of Early Displaced Maxillary Canines: Etiology, Diagnosis and Interceptive Treatment.

Open Dent J 16;5:39-47.



Growth indicators in orthodontic patients. Part 1: Comparison of cervical vertebral maturation

and hand-wrist skeletal maturation.

Eur J Paediatr Dent. 11(4):171-5.


Growth indicators in orthodontic patients. Part 2: Comparison of cervical bone age to hand-wrist skeletal age. Relationship with chronological age.

Eur J Paediatr Dent 11(4):176-80.


Effect of full mouth rehabilitation on the amount of Streptococcus mutans in children with Early Childhood Caries

Eur J Paediatr Dent 11(1):35-8.


Selective announcements in scientific conferences:



38o Hellenic Dental Congress


Congenital missing lateral incisorsClosing or Opening theSpaces.


Hellenic Orthodontic Congress

Orthodontic Treatment of Open Bite


Dental Conference of West Macedonia


Presentation of e-Book



-International Orthodontic Congress (SIDO), Florence, Italy

Timing of orthodontic treatment. Cervical bone age vs Hand-wrist skeletal Age.

-Annual Dental Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece

Skeletal Class III in the mixed dentition period. Etiology and therapy.



- Annual Pedodontic Conference Nafplio

Diagnosis and treatment of impacted canines

- Annual orthodontic conference Thessaloniki

Correlation between skeletal and dental age in orthodontic patients



- Annual Greek Dental Congress, Alexandroupoli,

Correlation between dental, chronological and skeletal age in orthodontic patients



-87th congress of the European Orthodontic Society, Istanbul:

“Bone age estimation in Orthodontics

- Annual Greek Dental conference:

i) Mini-screws in Orthodontics

ii) Tooth agenesis and Orthodontic treatment



15th Congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society

-Temporary anchorage application in Orthodontics.



- Annual Greek Dental Congress

Chronological age and initiation of orthodontic treatment



-Annual Greek Orthodontic Congress, Athens

Cooperation between orthodontist and dentist to treat the impacted canines.



-Annual Greek Orthodontic Congress, Athens

Assessing Skeletal Maturation by means of lateral Cephalometric



-International Orthodontic Congress Paris, France

Do we really need hand-wrist radiographs?



- Annual Greek Dental Congress

Palatal implants and orthodontic treatment



-76th General Session of the IADR, Nice, France

Effect of full mouth rehabilitation on the amount of Streptococcus mutans in children with Early Childhood Caries



- Annual meeting of American Academyof Pediatric Dentistry, Philadelphia, USA

TMJ considerations during orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition

- 9 th Annual meeting of Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry, Chicago, USA

Behavior management techniques for the non-speaking child.








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