What is it?

With the modern methods of diagnosis and treatment Adult Orthodontics is as effective as it is in young patients. Patients with orthodontic problems who didn’t receive treatment during childhood can be treated as adults as well.

Orthodontic treatment in adults can be limited in order to

Can I receive extensive orthodontic treatment as an adult?

Adult Orthodontic treatment can also be extensive creating healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and a pleasant face.

Do modern methods of orthodontic treatment in adults exist?

The revolution in the science of orthodontics offers alternative “invisible” methods of orthodontic treatment like:

Orthodontic treatment in adults and plastic surgery

The rapid evolution of the science of orthodontics and plastic surgery allows us today to improve the quality of life of our fellow man. Today, a specialized orthodontist with the help of a plastic surgeon can create miracles and correct facial asymmetries that were very difficult to improve in the past.